Isolation Transformer(IT)

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Single phase EI-Transformers

These dry type transformers are based on EI standard series in conformity with the DIN standard 41302. The design, construction and testing meet the safety requirements.

  • The transformers are constructed with high quality silicon steel to increase efficiency.
  • Designs incorporate precision wound coils for improved regulation.
  • CLASS B (130OC) or CLASS H (180OC) Insulation materials.
  • The core and the coils are completely vacuum-impregnated with polyester UL approved varnish.

Servo controlled voltage stabilizers(SCVS)

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The highly fluctuating A.C. Mains supply is a very common phenomenon in India and can damage electronic components like power supplies, drives, PLCs, controllers, etc. Their effects are widely felt in CNC, printing and textile machines as well as laboratory, data processing, medical & telecommunication equipment. Frequent breakdowns of such machines are costly to repair. This apart, the downtime and frequent interruptions in operation brings substantial loss of revenue.

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS)

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Positrix Power provides a full range of innovative, reliable surge protection solutions to help reduce costly downtime and protect sensitive electronic equipments.

A surge suppressor (sometimes called a "surge protector") is a device inserted in the alternating current utility line and/or telephone line to prevent damage to electronic equipment from voltage "spikes" called transients. A typical surge suppressor is a small box with several utility outlets, a power switch, and a 3-wire cord for plugging into a wall outlet.

Battery Rack

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This is a unique product for all UPS System Manufacturers; the required rated Isolation Transformers shown below are mounted on MS Battery Racks or Battery Cabinets ready to be used for UPS Systems. These save space and leads to time & cost savings for UPS System manufacturers.