Salient Features

KALORIE Portable Electronic Eco-Generator (PeEG) is the surest bet to mend your Power-cuts with peace. Based on Pro-Sinewave UPS principle it is electronic but not an Inverter, provides backup like generator without using fossil fuel.

Other than Supplying Power, it does not make its presence felt. Sturdy & reliable, evevry PeEG is built with top quality components, stringent checks are carried out that ensures non stop power for your application.

Affordable, Designed to meet individual requirements. PeEG is available in different ranges from 600 VA to 1000 VA to suit every pocket and are easy to maintain as well.

  • DSP pure sine-wave MOS-FET based systems.
  • Precise PWM sine wave output to the load with capability to 100% Linear Load.
  • Cold start on full load - In absence of utility power the unit can be switch on even with full load connected.
  • Inverter & UPS mode facility - In Ups mode the unit automatically changes to battery in absence of utility power input i.e. 200 volt to 250 volt.
  • Battery Charging Current Selector - Charging system with 4 Auto modes depending on condition of battery to enhance its life.
  • Built in low high input voltage cutoff, Overload, Low battery cut off.
  • Real time LCD display indicating input, output, Battery-voltage, Load status, Charging Current & mode of charging , Temperature etc.
  • Easy to Install, Hence reduces the wiring and installation cost.
  • Eco Friendly, No more Poisonous gas It can be be installed in living room. Any of the Applications within specified Load limits.
  • Portable and Easy to carry - It can be moved easily from one place to other hence suitable for party, picnic etc.
  • 2 year warranty as per company terms.

Technical Specifications

Output Ratings
1 Output Power 600VA, 800VA, 1KVA
2 Normal Output Voltage 220 VAC
3 Output Voltage Regulator +-1 to 2%
4 Output VoltageDistortion - with 100% LinearLoad - \< 3%
5 Normal Output Frequency 50Hz
6 Output Frequency Tolerance 47.5 Hz to 52.5Hz
7 Overload at 0.7pf 150 % for 5 seconds
Input Ratings
1 Normal Input Voltage 230 VAC
2 Permissible Input Voltage Variation at Full Load 90-270 VAC
3 Normal Input Frequency 50Hz
4 Permissible Input Frequency Variation 45 Hz to 50Hz
5 Power Factor at Full Load >0.8
Physical Parameters
1 Width X Depth X Height [in mm] 250 X 490 X 405 mm
2 Weight 60 KG Approx.
3 Colour Snow-white & Roval Blue
Environmental Parameters
1 Operator Temperature 0-55 Degree C
2 StorageTemperature -20 to +70 Degree C
3 Relative Humidity 0 to 95% RH