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Positrix Power provides a full range of innovative, reliable surge protection solutions to help reduce costly downtime and protect sensitive electronic equipments.

A surge suppressor (sometimes called a "surge protector") is a device inserted in the alternating current utility line and/or telephone line to prevent damage to electronic equipment from voltage "spikes" called transients. A typical surge suppressor is a small box with several utility outlets, a power switch, and a 3-wire cord for plugging into a wall outlet. Surge suppressors should be used as a matter of habit with all semiconductor-based electronic and computer hardware, including peripherals such as printers, monitors, external disk drives, and modem s. But the suppressor should not be relied upon to provide protection against lightning-induced transients. The safest procedure, inconvenient though it be, is to ensure that all susceptible hardware is plugged into the suppressor box, and to unplug the suppressor's main power cord when the equipment is not in use if you live in a thunderstorm-prone area.