Salient Features

  • Digital Controller based Design
  • PWM, MOSFET Based High Frequency Digital technology
  • PWM Controlled wide range Pulse Charging
  • Handy, Compact and Light weight
  • Fast charging
  • Solar Compitable
  • CFL Lamp
  • Mobile Charger
  • DVD
  • Radio
  • Led Tourch
  • DC Fan

Technical Specifications

Load 50W (Suitable for 3Nos of 15W CFL)
LED Lighting Inbuilt
Charging Voltage 90V-280V AC
Over Load 52W
High Charging Cut-off 13.8V
Low Charging Cut-off 10.5V
Indication Overload, Charging (blinking LED), Charging cut-off, Low battery
Main Protection Low Battery, Over Load, Over charging
Ranges available 50W and 150W